2015 New England McNair Scholars Program Conference

Our McNair scholar, Hebo Ismail, presenting her research at the New England McNair conference, July 23rd 2015.


27th Annual Squid-Vibrio Pow Wow – 2015

Hosted by the Foster Lab at the University of Florida.


26th Annual Squid-Vibrio Pow Wow – 2014

Hosted by the Nyholm Lab at the University of Connecticut.

Shrimp Collecting – September 2014

While collecting shrimp, lab members Andrea Suria, Joey Deoss, and David Lei were met with a curious young nature enthusiast, Lily Manwaring, who was eager to assist! This was a great teaching moment as Lily and her grandmother, Elaine Andrews, discovered the unexpected diversity of life living on the docks, including sponges, mussels, crabs, tunicates, and of course, shrimp. 
Squid Raising – Fall 2014
One of our raised squid being transferred to his adult tank.